What are the toolkit case and its facts?

Congress has been registered an FIR against BJP’s National Vice President Raman Singh and party spokesperson Sambit Patra for allegedly creating fake Congress’s letterhead use to create false and fabricated content. because Sambit Patra twits about the use of the toolkit in the format protest movement earlier. Also, Twitter deleted their post and listed it in manipulated media without any previous notice. now Delhi police also register fir on Twitter and congress for using the toolkit.

What is a toolkit and its facts?

To complete any work we have to use a toolkit or instruments, similarly to complete any political or non-political movement leader of the agitator can use a toolkit, this toolkit has a complete package of all steps and activities. The toolkit also helps to coordinate movement and movement supporter following steps which mentioned on the toolkit.

The motive of the movement’s toolkit

  • 1-Convey to the supporter
  • 2- To Motivate supporters
  • 3- Reason behind the movement
  • 4- Target of the movement
  • 5:- Steps to move the movement
  • 6- To select the place for the movement
  • 7- Spread the tool kit with different social media platform online or offline
  • 8- Advice to protesters

Due to social media and website blogs awareness, it is easy to spread toolkit and can be run a protest or movement, there so many examples for protest or movement where toolkit was used in the past

  • Occupy Wall Street Movement in 2011 in the United States
  • Protest against a law enacted by China in Hong Kong
  • Black Lives Matter movement in the United States
  • Ongoing farmer movement in India

How a toolkit work for a Movement or protest

A movement toolkit creator uses a different type of platform to spread the toolkit. This platform can be online or offline. Where they can spread messages to supporters mentioned in the ‘the motive of the movement’s toolkit’. Generally, they create a website where all steps mentioned in detail and they link this website address in different social media platforms in twits, posts, and pins.

Top Online Platforms for the Toolkit

1-Twitter and Facebook

Twitter is the most used platform by supporters and protestors, in Twitter, they create a hashtag (#Tag) post. Where # is default and tag will be sort name of the movement. For example, the ongoing viral #tag is #khansirrealname, in this # is the first part and followed by Tag (khansirrealname). For example, we are sharing the current trending #tag on Twitter to understand how it works. You can search these tag on the twitter explore section and can join the word or the hashtag

  • #BuddhaPurnima
  • #Black_Day_Of_Farmers
  • #BJP_Fears_SocialMedia
  • #jethalal
  • #TwitterBanInIndia


YouTube is a social media platform where users can share their thoughts through a video. There are so many creators uploading their video and users are watching for a funny video, songs, movies, criticism, educational video, technical video, news, movement suggestion, support and suggestion for protest, etc., For example, we are sharing current trending video in YouTube to understand how it works.

  • Sweety Tera Pyaar Chahida – Amit Bhadana
  • Rich vs Normal | Sanjhalika Vlog
  • Official Announcement: Free Fire X Mclaren Collaboration! | Garena Free Fire
  • GS वाले Khan Sir या Amit Sing ? जानिए उनकी असली पहचान, उन्हीं की जुबानी

Offline Platforms

This is a traditional way to the spread thoughts by using a local assembly or rally. Where famous personalities try to convey crowd to be part of a movement or protest. In these places, a paper note can be share with people. They can put about reason, agenda, and process of movement in this paper. Before the rally, they share their agenda thoughts by posters on the wall everywhere in contrary to a slogan like ‘Dilli Chalo’.

Role of Search engines in any movement

Today we can’t imagine life without search engines, now no one asks more questions to their elders due to these available search engines .they can ask questions or search their query into Google, Bing or Yahoo, etc. today everyone can find what is happing in the world with the help of these search engines.

Reason behind for so many twits or post is ongoing protest or movement

Generally no one interested to be part of any protest from the ground level but still they are promoting the protest by twits or post, but questions arise why they are doing this and what is the benefit of to be a part of a virtual or online protest. The answer to this question is mostly this type of creators are earning from social media platform by their pages or channels. Because in any movement so many types of people involved and they wanted to famous by their post or video. After that their subscribers are followers can be increased and they can earn more.

Conclusion of toolkit or viral twit and viral post

  • 1- Viral post can be true or fake
  • 2- It can be run for promoting or criticize individuals, company, government, political leaders, political parties, and print or digital media
  • 3- Do not join any movement or protest going on social media platform without knowing facts
  • 4- Do not like, share, subscribe/follow any post/twit or channel without knowing facts of the reason for their digital creation

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