What is the Israel-Palestine mainspring conflict?

We all are continually listening to news about Israel-Palestine but the actual reason for conflict is not understood yet. in this article, We will discuss the mainspring of conflict.

The mainspring of conflict between Israel and Palestine

After Russia evicted Jews, They were given refuge in Palestine. Similarly, When Germany massacred Jews to the tune of 60 lakhs, they were given refuge in Palestine.

Jews evicted from Russia serve Palestine in developing

Now here are the basics: Palestine then was a barren land confining by mountains without green habitation and scarcity of basic needs like water. Israelis were thankful and through their hard work, they started vegetation, agriculture, agro- the science of highly productive crops, fruits et al. They converted sterile land into agro profitable land. They were good at leatherwork and developed a lot of leather products. They made their children learn art and science and laid importance on hard work and scientific knowledge. A good example is Albert Einstein.

In a few years, Palestine started exporting agro products. They taught the world about drip irrigation. All the types of world agro requirements were produced and sold from here. Palestinian Arabs did not take a lesson from this.

Palestinians raised a unexpected Fatwa

Then one subsequent day, Palestinians raised a Fatwa that all Jews should vacate Palestine. Imagine, the very people who toiled for Palestine were asked to go elsewhere. A paradox, isn’t it? Jews reacted. Arabs were ignorant and did not believe in the strength of science and technology.

Formation of Israel

Jews said they have developed this country. How could they be expelled now? This gave a rise to conflict. The Jews, the then masters of technology and weaponry retaliated, and Palestinians were left empty-handed. Jews captured Palestine and soon declared an independent Israeli nation in 1948.

The world did not recognize it but by then most Jews were Nobel laureates. Many who settled in the USA were top businessmen and had created a soft lobby in the US senate. By then the USA economy was controlled by Jews tycoons. Israel is surrounded by Arab countries from all sides.

Israel-Palestine Conflict get direction and speed

In 1973 Israel fought a war with 6 Arabian nations including Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, and defeated them in 6 days. It’s no joke for a nation of 80 lakhs population. In the 1971 Munich Olympics, Israeli athletes were killed by an Arab terrorist. That was the main reason for the Israel-Palestine Conflict get direction and speed.

Israeli–Palestinian Conflict | HAMAS | Gaza Strip | West Bank | Al-Aqsa mosque | Jerusalem | O.I.C by Khan Sir Patna

A French plane carrying 134 Israeli passengers was hijacked and held as hostages at Entebbe Airport in Uganda during the Idi Amin era. All of them were rescued by Israeli special forces but the elder brother of Mr. Netanyahu lost his life. Israel always had dynamic prime ministers, Ben Gurion, Golda Meyer, and now Netanyahu.

Israel never forgot Nazi atrocities and Nazi generals who were responsible for mass killing. One such nazi General Eichman, who changed his identity and hiding in Buenos Aires ( Argentina) was captured by Mossad and had to face an in-camera trial and sentenced to death.

Jews who lived in India are still loving to live here and had never faced any discrimination by the people of India. This is a major reason why India has a good foreign and cooperative relationship with Israel, come what May. if you have any opinions on the Israel-Palestine Conflict, please comment in the comment section. also, request you to share our all articles which are getting love from you.

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