How GeM Registration Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies

GeM registration is now popular among startups and technology-loving business man Indian Government has created an online platform to sell and purchase products without any physicals documents. The full form of ‘Gem’ is Government e-Market Place. let’s know about the GeM in detail, what is GeM?, Advantage for buyer and seller, product and services details.

Government e-Market Place (GeM)?

GeM (Government e-Market Place) is an online platform for the government procurement process. This is managed and run by the DGS&D. GeM portal was launched on 9th August 2016 by the Indian Government. after this development, any registered seller can bid and sell their product to the government directly without any physical paperwork. Paperless, cashless and automatic-driven e-marketplace facilities make this very important.

Important features of GeM



Secure & safe



Important features of GeM
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What is GeM?

The fee to register on GeM?

There are no registration fees that need to deposit in GeM Registration at any steps.

Product Category Listed in GeM

  1. Computers:-Desktops, Laptops, All in One, Servers
  2. Office Machines:-Multifunction Machines, Printers, Paper Shredding Machines, Multimedia Projector (MMP)
  3. Automobiles:- Car, Buses, Utility Vehicles, Ambulance
  4. Office Supplies:- Ball Point Pen, Gel Pen, Printer or Photo Copier Paper
  5. Appliances:- Televisions, Air Conditioner, Online UPS
  6. Furniture:- Revolving Chair, Office Chairs, Steel Almirah
  7. Specialized Vehicles:- Hopper Tipper Dumper, Tractors
  8. Softwares:- Operating System, GIS Software
  9. Two Wheeler:- Motor Cycle, Bicycle

Listed Services in GeM

  1. Advertisement
  2. Security Manpower
  3. Catering
  4. Human Resource
  5. Cloud-Based Services
  6. Annual Maintenance Contract
  8. Bandwidth Hiring Services
  9. Bulk SMS Services
  10. Cafeteria Services

Above mentioned list are few listed services in GeM. There are many other services are also available, but not possible to share the whole list. you can visit the official Gem Site to know more.


  • Direct reach to Government departments and buyers
  • Earnest money not required to deposit in the case of MSME
  • There is no restriction of predefined categories, you can request to add your product or service category if not mentioned in the portal
  • Transparent E-bidding for each good and Services
  • GeM online and automatic process gives preference to startup companies
  • Startup Companies don’t need to show previous experience and turn-over proof.
  • No Earnest money required for startups.
  • As there is a rating facility, So you can get benefits if you are giving the best services or product and earn ratings from customers. That will help to increase your sales.
  • Contactless, paperless and cashless registration process makes it very fast.
  • Timely delivery acceptance and payments
  • No need to visit any department for sharing the details of your service

Registration Process

You can easily understand the Registration Process which is mentioned in the Pdf File.

Follow the Registration process mentioned in pdf. click here

Source of Information is GeM official Site-

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