NirNal is a Water Purifier by NIRANJAN KARAGI Biography

NirNal founder Mr. NIRANJAN KARAGI is now successful manufacture of the world’s cheapest ware purifier. Inspiration to do for society can do anything if we do hard work to achieve our goal. in this article, we will discuss NIRNAL and the founder of NIRNAL Mr. By NIRANJAN KARAGI.

About Niranjan Karagi.

NirNal founder Mr. Niranjan Karagi has Studied at Angadi Institute Of Technology & Management (AITM), BELGAUM. He saw that there was no filter in the government primary school situated nearby his home. Most children were drinking water that connected to an overhead tank. And he knows that the tank was not clean for many years. Then he decided to design a water filter that can be affordable for every Indian.

About Niranjan Karagi

Nirnal -A Water purifier in 30 Rupees

When Mr. Niranjan Karagi decided to develop the cheapest water purifier he was not aware of process cost or anything related to water purifier. But he started reading about water purifier items and their characteristics. After getting some basic knowledge he starts doing experiments with these elements. The only problem was water purifier low prices on his focus.

Advantage of Nirnal

Nirnal water purifier has many advantages, let’s talk about these advantages below.

  • Nirnal designed to set any standard water bottle.
  • No electricity required to clean water from Nirnal
  • No Fixed place required at home to use this filter
  • Can be carried anywhere with your travel bags
  • This is very helpful to the Indian Army to use this filter and get clean water anywhere
  • Also, who worked from out of the city and don’t have a specific area to stay or food.

Achievements of Nirnal/ Niranjan Karagi

  • ISBR Bangalore- Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Memorial Awards
  • Karnataka govt for Startups -Winner of ELEVATE 100 from.
  • Azim Premji Foundation -Won 3rd Prize in social change & Enterprises
  • Deshpande Foundation- Best Entrepreneur Award
  • Visvesvaraya Technological University- Best Entrepreneur Award
  • Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad -Yuva Shilpi Award
  • Govt. of Karnataka -Winner of Manthan 2018 FKCCI.
  • Vice president COCO-COLA (Asia)- Winner of jagriti sustainable enterprise
  • Start-up India (Karnataka Yatra)-Winner of. Recognized by the GOVT. of Maharashtra State Innovation Society-2019
  • Deshpande Foundation-Innovation & Entrepreneurship


  • Portable Bottle Filter (Basic)
  • Portable Bottle Filter (Advanced)
  • Travel Bottle Filter
  • Portable Tap Filter
  • Ultra Filtration Unit
  • Arsenic, iron, and fluoride removal ultra-filtration unit
  • Ultra Filtration Unit with added Mineral cartridge
NirNal is a Water Purifier by NIRANJAN KARAGI Biography - 2

Hopefully, you understand the importance of drinking water in the future. Our earth 70 % part is water but drinking water is less than 2 % of water. So this is our responsibility to save the drinking water for the future. The Success Story of Niranjan Karagi will inspire many people and innovate something new. Everyone has innovation or business capabilities but the most important is to strike write the right business ideas at the right time.

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