How To Start Solar Energy Business For Long Term Profit

Solar Energy business in India can be started in many ways, even if you are a retired officer, you can do this business in a good way even if you are working in a big post. There is such a business even if it is low cost.

What is Solar Energy?

As we know the sun is a huge source of energy. The sun is such a big source of energy that if it continues to give energy for a few hours, then we can get energy for many years together. But the unfortunate thing is that we are not in a position to store the entire energy of the sun.

Our scientists are engaged in this research that how we were able to collect more and more energy given by the sun. Right now we use this energy from the sun’s heat from the sunlight. We Have to know more about Solar Energy Business in detail for better profit.

Type of Solar Energy

Friends, as we have discussed, the sun is a source of energy. And our scholars are constantly doing research in collecting the sun’s energy. So far we have been able to invent two ways by which we can convert sunlight into energy. Photovoltaics and traditional methods of collecting the sun’s heat have been known. It is categorized into two types as below.

1-Photovoltaic Effect
2-Solar Thermal Power

If Talk about Solar Energy Business prospects, We are doing more research and development on the Photovoltaic method.

Part of Solar Energy Business System

Solar Panel

We can collect electricity through solar panels. As we know that we are able to convert sunlight into direct electricity due to the photovoltaic effect. Solar panels are made by mixing the active substances of the photovoltaic effect active material. When sunlight falls on this solar panel, electricity is generated which is stored in the battery.

We can make solar panels in any shape but most of them are made in a rectangular shape. There are 2 parts of a solar panel, the first is the solar panel itself, the second is the foundation to install the solar panel. This the primary and basic Elements of the Solar Energy Business.

Basically there are three types of Solar Panel categorised as below

1-Monocrystalline Solar Panels
2-Polycrystalline Solar Panels
3-Thin-film Solar Panels

ParticularsMonocrystalline Solar PanelsPolycrystalline Solar PanelsThin-film Solar Panels
Efficient of PanelHigh in Space and EnergyLow EfficientLowest Efficient
Life of PanelLong Life- More Than 25 Years MinimumLong LifeLess Life
At low-light conditionsWorkingNot WorkingNot Working
CastHighLow -Due to Easy Manufacturing ProcessLow -Due to less Material Required

Solar Panel Mounting System

As we know that for solar energy the most essential is sunlight or heat. This means that we have to place our Solar equipment in such a way that maximum sunlight can flow on them.

To install solar panels we need a mounting system. The Size of the mounting system depends upon the size of the Panel. The size of the mounting system depends on the size of the installed solar system.

To use in homes, a small stand is required, which is stalled on the roof of the house and the solar panel is placed on it. But if this solar panel is being installed for some lying power source, then there is a need to build a very strong foundation there. If the foundation is not strong, then our solar system can blow with the wind in a strong storm.

Solar Charge Controller

The solar charge controller is an important part of the solar system. Solar charge controller controls the voltage in a solar system. In addition, it also protects the battery from overcharging. And due to charging, the battery may explode and the life of the battery itself is bad. Also, the solar charge controller protects the battery from discharge.

There are two Types of solar charge controllers

1-Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
2-Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

ParticularsPulse Width Modulation (PWM)Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
Voltage CriteriaThe voltage of Battery Bank Should Match with Solar system Nominal VoltageAutomatic Adjustable
Battery Charging EfficiencyNormalMore than 25 % Increase

Solar Battery

As you know that Surat gives light only in the day and does not give light at night. And if we send the energy generated from the solar panels directly in electric equipment, then they will work only for as long as the sunlight will be available. Therefore it is necessary to store this energy generated by the sun. Over the years we have developed a very effective and long-life battery to restore energy.

Solar Inverter

As we know that the electricity generated due to the photovoltaic effect is of DC type. But most of the equipment used in homes runs on AC electricity only. But it is also a fact that it is very difficult to store AC electricity. In such a situation, a dilemma arises that we need such electricity to use and we need DC power to store it. The job of an inverter is to convert AC electricity into DC and convert it DC into AC.

Power Backup

We cannot control it, nature can only use it. We have no control over when the sun’s light will fall on the earth or not. And today’s fast-paced world doesn’t need anything unexpected. Therefore, wherever solar panels are installed, it is necessary to have an alternative source of electricity. Suppose if some such situation comes that the sunlight does not fall on the earth continuously for 7 to 8 days. In such a situation the solar energy generated by sunlight will be less or not be generated.

Solar Energy Business Ideas with low Investment for High Profit

We all know that the way natural resources are being used, we will not be able to do it for long. Somewhere we have to find other resources. Crude oil and coal are our natural energy sources which we are increasingly using. At the same time, we are also afraid that we will not be able to run this source for long. That is why we are constantly researching other sources of energy.

The sun is the largest source of energy known so far, but the problem is that it is not very easy to store solar energy. A good businessman is one who foresees future events. And we all know that crude oil and coal will not be able to meet our future energy needs. To avoid this problem, we have to depend on solar energy.

Most of the industry houses are working on solar energy. And we should also be part of this change only then we will be able to earn good profit in future. So let’s understand how we can become a part of the solar energy business and start our business.

Types of Solar energy Business

1- Manufacturing of solar equipments and Components

2- Distributorship business of solar Components

3- Marketing Business of of solar equipments and Components

4- installation Business of solar equipment’s and Components

1-Manufacturing of Solar Energy Business Components

The making of any product is a very big topic and it is not possible that I will tell you in detail about the creation of a solar company here. We will tell in detail in the next article about what is the process to make the product of solar energy. We know that all our readers here are looking for low-cost start-up Solar Energy businesses and don’t want to spend a lot of capital. This is the reason why I am not talking about manufacturing right now.

2-Distributorship business of solar Components

It is very easy to take distributorship of any solar product making company and its future is also very good. To get the distribution of any company, we can contact by visiting the company’s website. Every company’s distribution criteria may be different. We have to fulfill those criteria, after that, the company gives us through distribution.

Many companies provide distribution as well as help with technical support and marketing. A distributor has to prepare the retailer in his area and provide them with the goods according to the demand. The demand for solar products is increasing due to the subsidy in solar energy of the Government of India.

3-Marketing of Solar Energy Business

Marketing is an important part of any business. As the demand for solar products is increasing, so is the demand for online and offline marketing.  If you are a part of any kind of marketing then solar companies can be very beneficial for you. Marketing solar companies is not a difficult task as we all are understanding the importance of solar energy-making products.

Solar Components installation Business

Even if we don’t have money for distributorship or retailer shops, we can join solar energy work. As I told you in some of my earlier writings, Turnkey service providers do a variety of installation jobs. You can also learn the installation work of solar products by taking a little training. After learning the work, you can take installation work from a company or from a distributor.

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Solar Components installation Business

Top Brand In India for Solar Energy Business

  • Adani Power (Adani Gruop of Company)
  • Tata Solar (Tata Gruop of Company)
  • Jinko Solar (A China Solar Energy Company)
  • Trina Solar (A China Solar Energy Company)
  • ACME Solar (An Indian Solar Energy Company)
  • Vikram Solar (An Indian Solar Energy Company)
  • Waaree Energies (An Indian Solar Energy Company)
  • EMMVEE (An Indian Solar Energy Company)
  • Goldi Solar (An Indian Solar Energy Company)
  • Canadian Solar (An Canadian Solar Energy Company)
  • luminous solar (An Indian Solar Energy Company)
  • UTL Solar (An Indian Solar Energy Company)

Dear Readers, you can send your profiles to mentioned companies for the Trunkey service provider profile. also, you can approach for dealer/ distribution ship. Please contact us if you need more support to get solar and telecommunication projects.

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