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‘The Learning Tap’ is your source for new inventions in Business Ideas, Business Analysis, Business Case Study, Work From Home Ideas, Personal Finance, Stock Market Learning, Affiliate Marketing Guidance, Startup Loan, Finance Ideas, Motivational Stories, Government Schemes, Biography of Entrepreneurs, and Biography of Great Personalities.

Business Ideas

We are analyzing the business model and suggesting new possible business ideas. As we know there are types of work in any company and some work done by the company by self. But some work may be done by hired Trunkey service providers. We are working on both ways: the first innovation of business ideas and the second is how and who will do that work.


In this section, You will get all the latest updates about wealth management, Mutual funds updates and Tips, Bonds, Banking updates, related government schemes, and loan processors bank-wise. We will share regularly finance-related updates day by day. you can also comment on the comment section if you have any queries about any financial products and services.

Share Market

The ‘Share Market’ section is designed for those who want to learn all about the share Market and all related financial instruments. You will get knowledge about, NSE, BSE, SEBI, Demat Account, Broker, buying an order, selling an order, trading in the future, equity, options, currency, and cryptocurrency.


We are not covering all news just like a news channel, but we are sharing all-important news that can impact your health and wealth. Generally, all news is important to everyone, but here we are focusing on current and future wealth only.

Biography of Great Personalities 

As we know our site is completely devoted to all learning-loving people. and our children are our future. This is why we are trying to share some motivation with children through the biography of great personalities. Our mission will be achieved if anyone is motivated by the biography of great personalities and gets their path right. English stories and poems section will also be added in the near future.

Our Mission and Vision

We at ‘The Learning Tap’ give your little effort to making Indian people self-dependent. Always everywhere opportunities are available but we need to take initiative. A small step can be large if we give our 100% effort to achieve anything. So don’t hesitate to ask and learn from every authenticated source. In this era, the internet gives us a lot of opportunities, select them for you and start a new journey of earning. Google has many business tools that can be used for your growth and success.

YouTube, My Business, Bloggers, G Suite, Google ads, Google AdSense, ‘google shopping’, and google for small businesses are top business tools to start a new business or support existing business. These are mostly open-source tools and can be used by everyone if they are very strict to follow google policies related to every tool. You can visit the google official website for google product

We strongly believe that if someone takes the step to earn extra money other than his regular income and he achieves their first target then no one can stop him unless he makes a wrong decision.

We understand that we love to read an article in Hindi and we can read fast and understand fast also. This is why we are requesting you to all readers if someone wants to read any special subject or topic/article in Hindi, then can comment on comment sections. We will love to reply as soon as possible and resolve their query about the mentioned topic.

Thanking you

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