10 Secrets About Harshad Mehta Only A Handful People Know

Harshad Mehta was famous for his biggest stock Market scam and Stamp Paper fraud. As per record, he had made up to 4000 Crore amount scams in the 90s. This amount was estimated but the exact amount of scams know one was not knowing It this very shocking and interesting that how a middle-class person able to do that. This is why every new stockbroker, stock retailer, and the investor wants to know about scam and scammer. let’s start knowing about Harshad Mehata biography, Personal, professional, and criminal details.

Harshad Mehta was born on 29th July 1954 in Paameli Molti Village Rajkot District in Jain Family. His full name was Harshad Shanti Lal Mehta. Mehta’s family was shifted to Mumbai from Rajkot in the early days of his birth. Holi Cross Beron Crass secondary high school was his school for primary education. Then after he completed B.com from Lala Lajpat Rai college situated in Mumbai in 1976.

Career And Professionals of Harshad Mehta

He was very hard working from an early age, and he had completed, his higher schooling with his own earned money. This young Mehta has wanted a top-class education but he also bettering knowing his family was unable to give the required money. this is why he had done jobs for many companies continuously for eight years.

Then after he had completed his B.Com from Lala Lajpat Rai College. After completing his B.com He got a job in a Government insurance Company ‘The New India Insurance Company. A normal sales profile person became a VIP after few years. but the story behind this VIP is very interesting, Let’s start Knowing her Criminal entree in a new paragraph.

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The Ten Secrets About Harshad Mehta Only A Handful Of People Know

Stock Market Entrée

As discussed in the previous paragraph that, Harshad Mehta was started a job in the New Insurance Company as a sales executive. During his job, he had understands all about of Stock Market. As we know that, there is always a chance of loopholes in any sector or organization. And these loopholes can be corrected from time to time once found. Harshad Mehta stock Market’s interest was increasing day by day due to their job, and their mentors Parijivan Das. Parjivan Das meet with him on his newly joined company “Harijivan Das NemiRashi Securities”

Mehta became a Business Man

Then after he started work as a broker of Bombay Stock exchange (BSE). After some time he established a new brokerage firm named “GROWMORE RESEARCH -ASSETS MANAGEMENT LTD” in 1984. This firm was famous very soon and now many peoples were starting investment in his firm. This firm was growing very fast from 1984 to 1990 before scam exploration by a journalist. People were also called him The Big Bull because of his Top Class Knowledge in the stock market.

Criminal Entree of Mehta

Harshad Mehta was the biggest scammer of the stock market in the 90s. This scam was very big to affect to Indian economy and government also. Harshad Mehta’s purchased share’s price growing that times. in the 90s investment in equity was banned for any bank. there was a process to take a loan from one bank to another bank.

In this process, Harshad Mehta was Takes a loan from any Bank and returns them before loan tenure. But in that process, there was a loophole of a Chit certificate. Harshad Mehta understands the loophole of banks and was started taking big loans from many banks. This loan amount was invested in the stock market by his firm and was growing fast.

Scam Exposed

He was a very famous broker and celebrity of that time, This was why people want to meet, listen to, or read him anywhere. His post was also going published in every newspaper and magazine. He was also suggesting equities to buy at that time. but he was suggesting to buy shares in which were they have invested already. But A journalist from “times of India” was exposed him. As per Journalist Sucheta.

Childhood and Family

NameHarshad Mehta
Date of Birth29-07-1954
Age47 Years
Birth PlaceRajkot Gujrat
FamilyMother , Father, 3 Brother and Wife, Son
Father NameShanti Lal Mehta
Mother NameRasilaben Mehta
Wife NameJyoti Mehta
ChildrenAatur Mehta
BrotherAshwin Mehta, Hitesh Mehta, Sudheer Mehta
SchoolJanta Public School
Higher EducationB.Com in (1976) from Lala Lajpatrai College Mumbai
HobbyPlaying Cricket
Wieght90 Kg
Eye ClourBlack
Hair ClourBlack
Mehta Biography

Career and Death

OccupationStock Market Broker, Business Man
Famouse forShare Market Scam, other criminal works
Criminal RecodsStamp Paper Fraud, Bank Receipt fraud, Outbreak of Securities in 1992
Dressing StyleFormal
NetworthNot Disclosed
BioGrabhy FilmScam 1992
Death PlaceThane Jail Mumbai, Maharastra
Cause of Deadhheart attack
Mehta Biography

Another movie “Big Bull” is also launched in 2020 based on Harshad Mehta’s biography.

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