Trunkey Service Provider

The Three Word ‘Trunkey Service Provider’ is used for the special service provider Company. These companies or individuals do not work in the EPC model, but they can work for a company that is doing work in EPC models. In This Section, we will analyze the business model of a company in many articles. And we will give the business ideas to the Trunkey service providers.

What Is Trunkey Service Provider

Trunkey Service Providers are solutions providers companies or groups of individuals for any industry. A company has many types of work. if any company starts a Big project then they preferred to hand over the project to an EPC company. Also, they hire a project management company. The PMC Company monitors the progress and quality of the work.

These EPC model companies have different types of work to complete projects. They can not do all work simultaneously. This is why they offer to do work from turnkey service provider companies on basis of specialization and experience.

Basic Nature of The Trunkey Service Provider Company

  1. A TSP Company works for other companies on a turnkey basis.
  2. They will not use the output of given services to other companies.

Business Analysis of Telecom Sector for TSP Work

To Understand the fundament of TSP and opportunity in any sector, We are taking an example of the telecom sector. We know the telecom industry well. but we all are not aware of backend work in telecom operator company. today will understand how a Telecom company provides a Mobile network.
This is going to be very interesting for those who are looking for new business ideas. Let us start the journey of business analysis of a telecom operator.

Trunkey Service Provider scope
Trunkey Service Provider scope

Telecom Operator’s Process to provide Network

The list of work is so big, and it is hard to mention in a single article. But the mentioned list of work can tell us about the natures of work. We can grab the opportunity by selecting any work. these business ideas not common but these works can be started with minimum capital and minimum manpower. Also, these are highly paid services works.

Typical Telecom Tower Site Layout
Typical Telecom Tower Site Layout

Type of Work at a Tower Site

There are many types of work in a telecom operator and it is not easy to mention all work in one time. Here we Will discuss all work related to the tower site layout. a telecom operator company hires too many turkey service provider companies to complete their task. Currently, Reliance Jio, Voda Idea, and Airtel are the top three operator companies in India. They are continuously upgrading their technolgy and also increasing their infrastrure. And these projects are doing by TSP companies.

Survey work

EMF survey is mandatory before to live any network as per TRAI. Also, a survey required before site acquisition. In This type of survey’s GPS and cameras has compulsory. There are many TSP are involved to do surveys year by year.

Land Acquisition

After the Survey report acquisition team reaches the site and acquires the required land from the landowner. This team is also liable for a registered agreement between the tower infra company and the landowner. Companies give rent against the acquired area.

Soil Testing

If Land is acquired by the team then a soil testing team reaches the site for soil testing. This soil test report is mandatory to know to decide the tower foundation designing. always tower companies faces problem to make towers near rivers.

Tower foundation Drawing

On Behalf of the soil test report, a mechanical team design’s tower foundation drawing. If the water level is low then a normal foundation can be done. And if the water level is high then a pile-type foundation will be designed. The basic tool is AutoCAD software for drawing designing.

Tower Foundation

A civil contractor (Trunkey service provider) comes into action and they start foundation work as per drawing. In The foundation work, There are many types of small contractors, and suppliers are required. Tower foundation work budget for a TSP varies from 3 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs per tower.

  1. JCB for Excavation
  2. Fabricators for Steel cutting and binding
  3. Shuttering Work
  4. Sand, Cement, Steel, and Aggregate for RCC
  5. RMC services are also used is common now
  6. Cube mold and Testing Equipment’s
  7. Safety Equipment’s
  8. Casting Machine and Vibrators

Tower Erection

Tower erection is the most dangourus work in this whole tower installation. A gang of tower erection has 10 to 15 members. These members are the good trend for work at height. There are so many works at height training platforms are available now. The trend the rigor and provide certificated them. Only these certified and experienced members complete the tower erection work within 3 to 5 days.

  1. High-Quality Rope with Pulley
  2. High draw in case of GBM tower
  3. Safety Equipment’s

Shelter Installation

A heat resistant Shelters are designed for towers Site. So they are installed by special types of materials. This team completes their task within 2 to 3 days.

Electrical Board Connection

After tower foundation work completion a liaising team comes in action and submit all required form and DD to electrical board department for new connections.

  1. Transformer Supply and Installation
  2. Poles Supply and Installations
  3. LT and HT Connection after approval from the Electrical board
  4. Meter Installation

DG, Battery Bank, and SMPS Installation

After shelter work completion an electrical team will also act to complete all electrical equipment. Where DG, Battery Bank, and SMPS are the main equipment. Meter Box, MCCB Box Cable routing will be installed by this team.

Solar Panels Installation

Now Solar panel installation is also mandatory for metro cities to fewer pollutions. There are solar panels installed above the solar pad. Solar pad foundation work is also complete by the civil team.

BTS and Antenna Installation

After Tower foundation and electrical connection work completion, the Network team takes action and moves for BTS and other equipment installation. a turnkey service provider work as per below list of work.

  1. BTS Rack Installation
  2. Transceivers Installation
  3. Microwave Installation
  4. GSM antenna Installation
  5. Transreciever Installation
  6. Radio Installation at Microwave


Trunkey service providers are problem solvers of companies. They registered these types of companies as Vendor or Solution partners. Any company approach to a big company that offers TSP to work. This is a very good business idea for those companies deal with the above-mentioned work.

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