Low Scale Business

Low Scale Business is a good habit of a man or woman for his/her to achieve future goals. but if we have engaged with any job or business then we can not do anything else, this type of thoughts are breakers of our success. now it’s time to break the barrier of these thoughts and do any extra work that you can in extra time from your job or existing business. we are continuously sharing Low Scale Business ideas which can be started from home and with little amount.

Top Low Scale Business ideas

There are so many possibilities to make money by Low Scale Business because of the Work From Home providers’ company and the high-quality internet service. Today we will discuss one by one, you can choose as per your interest.

1-Online Survey

If you are looking to earn by sharing your personal habits and thoughts about any topic, Then paid online surveys are designed for you. survey companies trying to find your habits and share them with their clients. for this process, they are charging fees from their client and pay to survey users also. You can download Google opinion rewards from the play store to start online survey work with the world’s most trusted brand.

Google Opinion Reward Playstore Page
Google Opinion Reward Playstore Page

2-Online searching on web

If you search anything in the search engine and this search also matches with featured ads on your service provider and you click them. then you will be awarded by few parts of the payment of that ads. This type of work currently not available in India, but many companies in the process to start this type of work in India also. for a sample, I am sharing the Qmee website link to understand the whole process.


3-Share Market Trading

Share Market is now trending with the young generation because it’s simple to understand and work. but please wait a while because there is investment is also involved. it means there is also a possibility to lose your existing capital if you start trading without knowing the fundamentals of share. you can visit our share market page to know about stock market fundamentals.

4-Blogging on blogger

If you want to create your own blogging website but don’t want to buy a domain or server, then you can start with bloggers. It’s completely free to use and you can monetize with google AdSense also to earn real money. but we are suggesting starting with your own domain if you have a passion for blogging. This is a really long term Low Scale Business opportunity

5-Create Facebook page

Facebook page is now famous for entertainment, education, and band promotions. simply create a Facebook page and share your creativity on this page. if you get the required fan following and views on the page you can monetize and start earning from

6-Create YouTube Channel

YouTube is different from blogging sites and Facebook. in YouTube you will able to share your creativity in video format only. nut important thing is that the video-sharing platform is trending now. no one wants to read and don’t try to understand the whole topic by reading only. they want some visuals to understand the topic. this is why YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world. you will get monetize if you follow all YouTube policies and get 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers in any 12 months period.

7-Publish your book in Kindle eBook

You are a writer but unable to publish your book till today. then this section is going to very interesting for you. now you can publish your book in a kindle eBook free of cast. you can sell your book as per your choice amount. you will get 60% of the sell amount by Amazon.

8-Affiliate Marketing

Many Affiliate programs in India allow you to earn when a sale is made through a click on your website. With the increase of digitalization, a lot has changed, now the customer checks all the brands before taking their goods and later decides which product to take, the competition in the market is increasing. if you have a website and someones see any product from your website and buy the product, then the companies also give you some shares of that sale’s profit.

8- Recharge for Reliance-Jio and Airtel Users

R-JIO has launched a JioPOS Lite app for JIO Users to recharge other mobile and earn money on every successful recharge. In this covid pandemic situation, many people lost the job or his salary reduced due to Low Scale Business conditions. Employees and employers both facing many problems. Reliance JioPOS can help those people who have a broad network base and willing to recharge them. Have a look at all information about the Jio POS lite app Offer. This is very good for Low Scale Business ideas without much investment.

The JioPOS lite app is android based app available in the Google Play store. In this app, you will get an offer from Jio to be an official recharge partner of R-JIO. You can download JioPOS from the Google Play store.

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