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Business ideas are 2 power full words to those who willing to start a new business. An idea comes to mind and becomes the business if that idea has the potential to get business profit. To start a business there are some basic needs. We will discuss all the requirements of a business step by step.

The process to the establishment of a company

Man, Money, and Management are the three basic necessary things are to be a company. Due to many regulations, it is a very long process to become a company. We will discuss later why these rules are important but it is more important to follow all rules to run a business in India. Having a business idea does not mean you are a company. also if you are doing business without following the company act rules, then also you are not a company. To start a business, become a company first is more important.

Fundamental Requirements of Business

Business Idea
Management Formation
Capital for Business
Tools and Machinery
Loan From Bank

Required Registrations or Certifications

Company Registration
Company Pan Card Registration
Company GST Registration
MSME Registration

Required Permission from Government Authorities

Permission from the state government
Permission from the Central government
Permission from Forest Department
Permission from Food Department
ISO Certification Registration

Simple steps to choose the right Business Ideas after Covid-19

Almost all country’s economy falls after the corona pandemic due to several reasons. everyone’s mind comes how to choose the right business Ideas after Covid-19. We will discuss in this article every reason and give you better solutions for each sector which are badly impacted due to this pandemic. India’s population is more than 135 crores In such a situation, this is why it is difficult to control the corona with immediate effect. Now we have to understand the situations and start a new profitable business that can start in this pandemic situation also.

Simple steps to choose the right business after Covid-19
Simple steps to choose the right business after Covid-19

How is Covid-19 pandemic impacting business

Everybody knows that many things changed due to covid-19. first of all, we talk about changes then we will discuss the impact on the business of these changes.

Consumer behavior changed

Now, these days people are investing money on essential needs only, They want to save money because their earning is stopped or less due to the Covid-19 pandemic. If the consumer stopped buying things then the manufacturer can not produce so much product for the future without knowing that how much this will take time to sell.

Office/Retail shops closed or working hours reduced

Retailers have not much time to sell products in the market in a day. consumer behavior already changed they don’t want to buy. this is also badly impacting manufactures and retailers. If we talk about the service sector then situations are the same. The employer has employees but can not use them fully. This is why they are losing their capital in paying salaries to employees but unable to deliver projects to their customers.

Most and less Impacted industries by Covid-19

Most impacted industries by COVID-19Least impacted industries by COVID-19
Travel & Tourism IndustryPharma Companies
Banking & InsuranceDairy
Auto Sector and Real StateOnline Shoping 
EducationFMCG Sectors
Multiplex, Hotel and RestaurantsTelecom
Most and less Impacted industries by Covid-19

Business ideas after lockdown

As we see in the above paragraph some sectors are more impacting and some low impacted due to corona, Now we have a study about consumer behavior in pandemic situations. this will help us to select new business Ideas.
1-Essential services can be impacted but can not stop in any situation.
2-Less Contact or social distancing be our current need or it can be permanent behavior of people. we don’t have any idea about this.
3-We need to understand today’s telecommunication is our essential service as per Indian law also.
4-It means all business Ideas can run where they are providing essential services to their customers.
5- Now we easily understand we have to involve an online business model to avoid future pandemic situations.
6-Choose any business ideas in which your passion and knowledge.
7-Analys the demand that service you want to start as your new business.


Q.1- What is business and how to choose best?

Ans- if any individual or company providing services or selling goods for their earning then it is called the business. You have to choose a business which matches your hobby or interest, its best strategy to selecting the best business for own. Share Market is also a very good option in pandemic situations. You can go to our share market category or page to understand more about how to make money from the share market?

Q.2-How do I choose a good business?

Ans-involve an online business model, Choose a business idea in which your passion and knowledge, and Analys the demand that service you want to start as your new business

Q.3- What type of business is best?

Ans-All Type of Business is best for person to person but due to covid-19, you have to choose any business which is the essential services or the part of essential services to avoid future pandemic situations.

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